Amour Series 3.0

Amour Series

  • Smart Panels for every room
  • Cloud based Centralised control of hotel rooms (works over WiFi).
  • App and Web portal access for control of panels
  • Remote access of room controls.
  • Integration with Alexa.

Amour 3.0

Amour 3.0 is the 3rd generation product of Amour Automation. EBTL owns the product technology patent for Amour 3.0. Three times Red-Dot awardee has done the product design of Amour 3.0 from Germany. Amour 3.0 is known for its robust design and usability across industries. Amour 3.0 is widely accepted and appreciated across the globe. Currently, it has been installed in 350+ cities in India. The US, Africa and Middle East Markets have also accepted Amour 3.0 gracefully.

Amour 3.0 Specification

Amour 3.0 is a WiFi enabled, voice controlled and touch sensitive smart switch with cloud sharing options.

The detailed specifications of the product and various variants are given below:

  • Logitouch screen
  • 2 x 40 Amp Switches and 5 x 10 Amp switches
  • 2 x regulators
  • 2 x USB ports
  • Black/ White/ Silver faceplates
  • SOS feature
  • Easy installation, 12M box size
  • Works with & without internet
  • Android & iOS App
  • No special wiring, no CAT6, no backend and no static IP needed